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by Georgia
Simply A Joy

Simply a joy to be close to you Such a thrill, you’ve got such a good attitude And though I enjoy my solitude I’m gettin wise to what the power of two can do Real love always takes it’s victim by surprise Sneak attack devotion when I look into that black man’s eyes Secrets of more »

Make Me Stronger

This day I awoke with a passion in my heart A feeling of longing, a thirst so strong I want to be better, an opening for God to Make me stronger Make me patient when I worry Make me calm when there is strife Make me forgiving when I would be right Make me forgiving more »


When I’m down, I just draw some roses On a pretty piece of paper With my red Stabilo pencil Halfway through, I feel so much better I imagine happiness, and it runs right to me, such amazing beauty You don’t have to, cut up no roses Please just leave them living Got my pencil, got more »

Uhuru Flight

Freedom fighters starting out at earlier ages Shining faces innocent and truthful with positive intentions cause this society can be so cruel they will rise above it and surely they’re anointed Is it in my mind every time that I pray? Or do the answers travel in the form of a ray? Quantum existence surrounds more »


as you grow each day now i love you more learning worlds in no time flat you i adore sparkling hair and sparkling eyes young and wise you are love because your made up of african prince Ezra Rae time to bed now I’ll tuck you in When you’ll rise and shine now ready to more »

Wrong Way

live my life from different places like a space cadet folks on planet earth act like loves the hardest thing to get to spirit must reside in my flesh because the sunlight’s here people of a strong nation we must try to manifest true and listen to the birds when they sing out that the more »

Gears (Sing It Again)

Together twice is better all the time (Sing it again) Whether money is better or we on the grind (Sing it again) Cause you know that you have my heart in a bind (like you say, ain’t that right?) (Sing it again) Together happiness is what we’ll find (Let’s Sing it again) Together twice is more »

Let It Go

It hurts when the heart comes to haunt you thats why i must say what you don’t want to somehow we’ve clung on to the untrue and lately i’ve been thinking that its time we let go i will miss holding your hand but this union proves to be no-mans land maybe time will bring more »

In Love Again

Promised myself that wouldn’t but now I’m hopelessly fallin in love again I told myself that I couldn’t but now I’m fearlessly flyin in love again I shrug my shoulders at the thought of being in love with someone else than you. I wanted to spend me sometime with myself, get to know who I’m more »

Alone With An Angel

and when I am alone I feel the angels softly guilding you thru i like being alone to lie with Angels they look just like you, gorgeous you might deny being an angel but i see the true spirit has given you an awesome magic, not too be abused. there’s a vision of love and more »

Keep it Real?

If I took away your language and your trust and taught you to be ashamed of where you come from tell me now how would you feel? how would you feel? If I locked you up for a 100 years or more sold your children off like candy in a store Come on now lets more »


I need a golden dream again Want my copper colored eyes to be used for the sunset. I need a better day to come. For my spirit to arrive renewed just like the sunrise I need a golden dream again Want my copper colored eyes to be used for the sunset. I need a better more »

Break You Down

don’t let them make you forget who you are don’t let them break you down don’t let them make you forget who you are. don’t let them break you down. growing up is hard to do, sometimes the world will make a fool of you Some folks don’t have a clue about you or what more »

Run Away

Woke and realized I was free to be anything if was in integrity with what I dreamed I knew it couldn’t be wrong and would be done I was born to the earth song and I feel like I’m runnin not away but to take off and fly using this life as a runaway I more »

Never A Day In Vain

My prayer is to be better to live a life of love an honest human being who’s light heart can soar with the doves it’s hard to keep your head up when life’s smoke obscures your gaze I pray to see the beauty even in that smokes dark haze And when i feel worthy to more »

Child of the Sun

Mankind is a child of the sun Mankind is a child of the sun First came the moon which reflected the sun and together the sun and the moon bore the earth earth as she please sighed the wind cried the seas mother nature indeed had a glorious birth Mankind is a child of the more »

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