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It has been proven through time that true passion can manifest the desires of one’s heart. Consider the journey of “Quaze,” a musical artist whose mission has been long, mysteriously connected and painstaking –all in the name of his heart’s desire – music. Quaze was exposed to the music industry at the early age of twelve years old by Sir-Mix-Alot who took him under his wing and developed the prodigy talent. Knowing that this was his true calling Quaze by the 11th grade had migrated to Vancover, B.C., where he would start a new chapter in music as the second member of a Canadian rap group called, “EQ”. The group went on to be successful in Canada, opening for such acts as Public Enemy, Rob Base, King Tee and The Alcoholics.

To add even further to his great adventures, Quaze boarded the Mothership in 1999 with one of his original influences, Dr. Funkenstein himself, George Clinton. During his P-Funk abduction, Qauze was baptized into the P-Funk family as “Quazedelic,” producing, singing, and touring with the group, under the direction of the P-Funk Master. Just before exiting the ship, Trey Lude (George Clinton’s son) would send Quazedelic off on his next Funkadelic trip. Quaze was introduced to Meech Wells, son of the late great vocalist “Mary Wells” and Doggystyle Producer. It was a Mothership Connection! The two immediately hit it off, producing hits for Snoop Dogg and his various artists such as Kokane, who Quaze produced “Nite L.O.C’s” for The Doggystyle Allstar Compilation in 2002, an album that also included the Quaze-produced hits “Don’t Fight the Feelin,” featuring Cam‘Ron (Rocafella Records) and Lady May.

These funky affiliations allowed Quaze opportunities to make things happen for the FUNK. Quaze has been blessed to be in the presence of and work with some of the most legendary names in the industry: George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Lenny Kravitz, and Marvin Gaye. Quaze worked and resided at the Gaye Estates for six months. “Working with Marvin III was an honor and a great opportunity. I actually went to the same studios as his Pops. It was an amazing and eerie experience…I felt his presence in the studio while making my music,” Quaze recalls. Such enlightening experiences obviously pierced Quaze’s soul as demonstrated on the “Welcome to the Chuuch Mixed Tape Vol. I” and single to the True Crime: Streets of L.A. videogame soundtrack, where his featured vocals on the smash hit “Dance Wit Me (Get Up and Party)” matched Marvin’s so harmoniously that critics were buzzing. “Is that?… No it can’t be!…. But it sounds so much like Marvin.” And yes, it’s Quaze. This song later went on to gain a 2004 MTV Videogame Soundtrack Award nomination.

As a protégé of the funkmaster George Clinton, Quazedelic also produced the title track, “Undacova Funk” on the soundtrack for the film, Undercover Brother. The beat was derived from the 70’s classic “Give Up the Funk”, which featured Bootsy Collins, Snoop Dogg, Kokane, Fred Wesley, as well as Quazedelic, who adds, “The credits alone blew me away.”

Without question, Quaze was the artist experienced to grace the Paid Tha Cost To Be Tha Boss album with a vocal rendition of Clinton’s, “Flash Light” renamed “Stop Light”. Quazedelic is indeed part of the musical movement, taking funk, hip hop and rock to the next level, as many have predicted. As a member of the Snoopadelics, playing percussion and the Talk Box, Quaze toured with Snoop Dogg, alongside Jay-Z, 50 Cent and G-Unit, Fabolous, Chingy, Beyonce and Busta Rhymes on the “Rock The Mic Tour.” On the “Project Revolution Tour,” Quaze stretched his chords, creating memorable performances with Linkin Park, Korn, Ghostface Killa, MOP, The Used and Downset. Quaze was also instrumental in the Platinum Snoop Dogg CD, R&G Rhythm and Gangsta: The Masterpiece, and many other Doggystyle Records compilations, projects, etc. The kid funkadelic has appeared on albums such as his 2nd official producer’s series mix tape “The Soundscannerz Presents: “The Resume”, X Clan’s Spring 2007 release, “Return to Mecca”, Saafir’s “Good Game: The Transition”, Suga Free’s, “Just Add Water” and much, much more.

Quaze’s story has finally been captured in the form of an album. Spinning tales through a fusion of Rock, Funk and Hip Hop in a truly innovative, fresh and inspiring experience; Quaze’s album entitled, “The Arrival 2012 A.U (After Us)”, more than exudes the performer’s raw talent and trend for a new style of music yet to be discovered. Quazedelic has been enlightened by the psychedelic experience of funk. His music and style are very much influenced by peace, love, reality and the colors of life. He considers his music to be enlightening and an extension to hip-hop, rock and soul– elements uniting all races and species through one universal expression – music.

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