KADENCE – HYPOCRISY by someothaship

Since the age of 13 when Kadence first began to take an interest in hip-hop, he’s always directed his focus toward beats rhymes & rhythms. His highly varied experience with music, which he continues to draw from to this day, (from jazz to rock, soul, funk, classical, & electronica) has served to widen his repartee of musical ideas. Throughout his development he has continued to push the envelope, both stylistically and content wise, by integrating into his music socio-philosophic premises (and more recently abstract occult references) that arise out of his studies, wile still synthesizing the general persona of hip-hop. As one of the founding members of the Abolitionists, Kadence continues to play an important role in providing the mutual creative influence, that in part characterizes the uniqueness of this collective. Ever progress driven, Kadence hopes to continue to move forward (most notably through dynamic future collaborations) both in his personal evolution as a rap artist, as well as in the cultivation of a new movement in Hiphop…

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