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Sound is defined by vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach the ear. Yet there is more to it when one imagines the hearing process as an involuntary command placed upon the body to be processed instantly. This realization can lead us to use sound as a means to inoculate one another with positivity, encouragement, and a connective awareness if we so choose. However, there can be great difficulty experienced in the careless trance-mission of sound because the divine laws that create it to be so still carry the commands neutrally with the same amount of power! In our earth’s recent history, there has been a decline in the respect for this knowledge and a reward has been paid to those who willingly broadcast destructive sound wave commands across the Planet Earth as a means to incapacitate its inevitable spiritual ascension. Even so, there are those who await vibratory commands from beyond this dimension in order to awaken a revolution of the heart.

Born to musical parents in Los Angeles, California, Georgia Anne Muldrow was born for this very purpose. Surrounded by music of all types and origins, and reading at the age of 2 broadened her receptivity to learning new information about the world around her. To this very day she carries the same spirit, and that makes her instrumentation and songwriting so unique.

She has worked with trailblazing underground artists such as Dudley Perkins, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Madlib, Wildchild, M. E. D. , Big Pooh, Prince Po, The Visionaries, Casual, Jimetta Rose, and Eagle Nebula as well as commercial artists like Mos Def and Erykah Badu. Her releases include the Worthnothings, Olesi : Fragments Of An Earth, Sagala, Beautiful Minds, The Message Uni Versa, Umsindo, Early, Kings Ballad, SomeOthaShip, and the full length jazz album Ocotea.

“She’s incredible. She’s like Flack, Nina Simone, Ella, she’s something else. She’s like religion. It’s heavy, vibrational music. I’ve never heard a human being sing like this. Her voice is wildly, finely expressive. It’s so singular. It’s hip-hop, the way that she approaches it rhythmically, she’s got so many jazz influences. It’s something else and you can just feel it.” — Mos Def

“She’s my favorite artist out right now.” — Pharoahe Monch

“Georgia Anne Muldrow brims with so much optimism and anxious energy that it barely contains itself. Muldrow composed and performed all of the music on her debut EP, Worthnothings. The gutsy ingenuity of ‘Larva’ isn’t a surprise. It’s just an enchanting moment from an enormously promising young talent.” — NPR

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