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Shana Jenson Muldrow – Just For You by someothaship

When it comes to style, few can come close to the various combinations of musical treats simmering just below the surface of the warm soulful sounds to be found in singer/songwriter, Shana Jenson. Shana was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada were she earned most of her musical chops. She then later moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a more serious career in music. She has lived in LA for the past 10 years and has performed with several local bands at various festivals and popular Hollywood venues such as: The Gig, The Key Club, The Vipor Room, The Kniitting Factory, BB King’s and both the Long Beach and Los Angeles Convention Centers just to name a few.

Shana’s talents have also ventured her as far east as the UK, performing at several trendy clubs including The Hobgoblin, London and popular showcases such as The Original Songwriter’s Showcase of London. Her musical background consists of gospel roots that were literally handed to her by a large family of musicians and singers so she gravitated naturally toward the soulful sounds of Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. She then later delved into much earlier artists such as Donny Hathaway and Otis Redding for additional musical offerings.¬†Shana’s deep sultry voice is both relaxing and inviting and solicits you into a world all her own.

It is immediately reminiscent of that old soulful feeling of the 60′s and 70′s mixed with the cool urban sounds of today, with the social awareness and consciousness missing in most music heard in these modern times. Lyrically and vocally she displays an almost effortless talent of translating emotions and captivating listeners by reaching deep into their souls and making them sit up and take notice. Shana’s approach and musical style has set a bar that transcends all barriers and crosses over all lines of race and culture.

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